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Who We Are

Tommy Jo Publishing is an independent music publishing company that began with hit songwriter Jennifer Adan back in 2008 after discovering that country star Blake Shelton would be releasing her song “She Wouldn’t Be Gone” (written with Cory Batten) as his first single. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Jen decided the best career move would be to create a publishing company that would be different than all other companies in the industry. TJP has since grown and hired a team of go-getters including a Nashville legend, Debbie Zavitson to manage and pitch music to artists who are looking for great songs. TJP offers different music services including song evaluations, consulting meetings as well as opportunities for co-writes. Tommy Jo was inspired by Jen’s mom (Thomasita Joanne) who is her biggest fan.

For more information on TJP or to contact us, please visit the Say Hello section.

*Tommy Jo Publishing does not accept unsolicited material

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